What is Penang MakerFest ?

A celebration of makers ! The main objective of Penang MakerFest is to create awareness, promote maker culture, connecting up with the maker community and bring together makers from the arts and science communities to showcase their ideas, hobbies, creations and innovations. At the same time, it also helps to boost the maker movement around the nation & the world !  Our goal is to inspire all people no matter young or old into making spirit. Come, join us in this exciting celebration !

Venue - Setia SPICE Arena, Penang

formally known as PISA

2019 Featured Makers

Show your best project and it might stands a chance to be featured in our page! Let everyone know what are you making 


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Penang MakerFest 2019 is Online !

MakerFest 2019 is online ! Yup, is repeated from call for makers page, but just in case someone missed out XD We are back for more makers and start getting busy like a bee (honey maker) 🙂 The…