Penang MakerFest

A celebration of makers

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Cyclops LED Robot

A new soldering badge design comes with six re-programmable LEDs and a button to add a different look and feel than last year badge. As engineers said “ MORE LEDs, MORE FUN! ” The design also comes with two blinking LEDs for beginners who are into simple electronics and soldering. * design subjected to change

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Symphony Handicrafts & Accessories

Symphony Handicrafts & Accessories was born from family members who love arts and crafts which focuses on handmade related products such as bracelets, choker, button badges, keychains, and much more. Also, look out for their new release, Artificial Terrarium! Check out their booth during Penang MakerFest 2018! FB:

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NEW! Awards for the Makers

Good Day Makers, For non-commercial maker, RM50 will be charged per booth. There will be a competition for this category. ~ Best Booth Design Award ~ Most Creative Project Award ~ People’s Choice Award Grab your chance and win some awards people! Competition is currently no applicable for commercial maker booth. Registration link:  

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Penang MakerFest 2018 is Online !

MakerFest 2018 is online ! Yup, is repeated from call for makers page, but just in case someone missed out XD We are back for more makers and start getting busy like a bee (honey maker) 🙂 The main objective of Penang MakerFest is to create awareness, promote maker culture, connecting up with the maker community and […]

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Car Park Location

Exhibitors Car Parks during Event Days All exhibitors / Volunteers / Partners are advice to park their vehicles to the outdoor parking areas located at the open space of Arena during their arrival time at 7am during event days. Basement Car Park only opens to visitors at 8am. Loading Bays and Traffic Management PSC shall […]

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