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October 27, 2016

Car Park Location

Exhibitors Car Parks during Event Days

All exhibitors / Volunteers / Partners are advice to park their vehicles to the outdoor parking areas located at the open space of Arena during their arrival time at 7am during event days.
Basement Car Park only opens to visitors at 8am.

Loading Bays and Traffic Management

PSC shall ensure that exhibitors and drivers of all vehicles are made aware of the following:
• the entrances to the loading bays must be kept clear of parked vehicles during setup days;
• drivers must follow traffic and parking directions issued by the Traffic Marshalls;
• a 30 minute unloading limit applies to all vehicles (times for larger vehicles are at the discretion of the Organizer);
• SPICE Management accepts no responsibility for the safety of vehicles and their contents whilst they are within the Centre or parked on the loading bay;

Here’s a picture of where the parking information for the event: