Penang MakerFest

A celebration of makers

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  1. I am an international maker, will the organizer provide an accommodation for me?
    No, accommodation will not be provided.
  2. I am a student and I have my own project that I want to showcase, do I need to pay?
    Yes, there is a competition going on for non-commercial maker booth. RM50 will be charged per booth. 
  3. What is a commercial maker?
    A commercial maker is a maker who intends to sell their products or take orders during the event and deliver the product after the event.
  4. How much should I pay if I register as a maker?
    Non-commercial: RM 50, Commercial: RM80 . Payment details can be found in the MAKER INFO 
  5. I am a student and I want to showcase my project, can I represent my school in the event?
    No, you will be representing yourself unless your are registered under your school name.
  6. What kind of projects should I showcase?
    Any project, as long as it is made by yourself. You can always refer to the MAKER INFO tab for more details.
  7. How many days should I attend?
    It is a 2 days event, so you will have to attend for both days, 10 & 11 November 2018
  8. Once registered, does it mean that I am confirmed for the event?
    No, we will send you a confirmation email before 20 Oct 2018.
  9. Should I come to the event venue to set up my booth 1 day in advance?
    It is highly recommended that you do so. Otherwise, you will need to arrive early on the event day to set up your booth.
  10. Who should I contact if I have no idea what I should do when I arrive at SPICE?
    You can always contact  Peter @ +6016-4951280
  11. Do I need to register myself again on that day?
    Yes, you do. Please look for the Maker Registration booth.