September 20, 2019

Penang MakerFest 2019 is Online !

MakerFest 2019 is online !

Yup, is repeated from call for makers page, but just in case someone missed out XD

We are back for more makers and start getting busy like a bee (honey maker)¬†🙂

The main objective of Penang MakerFest is to create awareness, promote maker culture, connecting up with the maker community and bring together makers from the arts and science communities to showcase their ideas, hobbies, creations and innovations. We welcome anyone to join this makers party !

Who can join ?

~If you are a student, hobbyist or maker and you have cool projects

~If you are a crafter, designer or artist with amazing live artwork

~If you are a cosplayer with props to show off

~If you are a start-up, hoping to meet potential customers

~If you are a commercial maker who would like to sell your creation

~Or if you have things to share in our maker tech talks

This is the right opportunity to grab on ! What are you waiting for ? Come register yourself now in this exciting makers celebration.

Registration link: click here