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October 12, 2016

Passionate Young Maker & His Cool Projects: Run En (A21-22)


“Maker certainly isn’t an easy task, but if you got the right environment, and the right skills, you can do it !” quote by Run En. In year 2013, he started building extremely simple circuits like DC motor and simple LEDs circuit. Arduino was then introduced to him in early 2014. After that, he continue to develop his skills in making and he’ve learn more about mechanical design and more. Now he is at a stage where most of Penang maker community knows about him ! He is also the youngest maker who constantly appears in Penang Science Cluster’s Garage, keeping his spirit in building & making !

Come check out more of his Arduino projects at his booth @ Penang MakerFest 2016! 🙂 Booth A21 to 22


Simon Say Memory Machine


Humidity Sensor Box : Environment Updater 


FM Interferer “Naughty Machine”